Dave Sakamoto’s ERP Custom solutions provided the missing financial reports that the main IT department could not provide upon implementation. Once others tried to copy his ERP solutions, users still considered Dave’s solutions as “Gold Standard” for ease of use and power. Some called him a “Living Legend”. I don't think he is that good, but obviously Dave proved that he knows how to design and create solutions very few others can, that solves the most difficult ERP reporting and other ERP problems. If your ERP is not giving you the exact reports you need, or performing like promised, everything you've tried has not worked, and keeping you up at night, I highly recommend Dave. If he can't solve it, likely nobody else can.

    N.D. University of Colorado Finance Office Supervisor

I worked at CU Denver in the Budget Office when we transitioned over to People Soft. I was trained as a Super User. One of the serious problems we had was the reporting. We could not get accurate financial data from PeopleSoft reports. The budget office needed real time data that was accurate and that could be ran easily and quickly. Dave Sakamoto from our accounting office was able to get those reports for us. His development of his ERP solutions provided us with not only timely and accurate reports but they could be customized to what we needed. Dave has extensive knowledge in accounting, auditing and IT. The conversion over to PeopleSoft at CU was a tremendous undertaking. If we would not of had Dave's expertise and ERP solutions we would not of been able to transient over so quickly.

    Susan P. University of Colorado Budget Policy Analyst III

The ERP / PeopleSoft initial implementation at the U of Colorado was, to put it nicely, not good, missing most of the reports we needed. Dave used his Auditing, IT and Accounting knowledge to design his unique ERP custom solutions that solved many problems. If you are having ERP problems, including lack of exact report needed, and complicated functionalities not working right, don't give up. If Dave can't solve it, then its ok to give up.

    Bonnie L. University of Colorado Accounts Payable Supervisor