ERP implementation and getting it to do what was promised is hard - very hard.   Some predict close to 100% failure.   I created the "Sakamoto ERP Solutions", which solved all the ERP problems I was able to get my hands on.   Below, I explain how it works, why it works, and offer a free, no risk trial.

Introduction to Sakamoto Custom ERP Solutions

Mission & Goal

Hi my name is Dave Sakamoto, founder of Info On The Web.  By solving difficult ERP problems, my mission and goals are:
1) To prevent people from losing their jobs being blamed for the ERP failure.   With some predicting close to 100% ERP failure
(see ERP Problems/Disasters links below), it is not their fault.
2) Help ERP Consultants to expand into new markets, including Universities and Government Agencies.

Free No Risk Offer

I offer you a free, no risk trial to try out and see my Sakamoto ERP Solutions in action.
I will help you solve a difficult ERP problem or difficult report that you need.
I will spend up to 8 hours to analyze,and if I feel the problem is solvable, use my proprietary solutions or design a new solution if needed.
You can have your IT staff create it, or you can hire IOTW.
To begin, just click CONTACT US, explain your problem, give us some information, and we will respond.

ERP Problems and Disasters

Implementing and getting ERP systems to run effectively is a VERY difficult task. If you are having difficulties, you are not alone.  Many consider it nearly impossible.  Click the links below for a few of the many information out there.

Sakamoto ERP Solution - How It Works

Sakamoto ERP Solution - Why It Works



I worked at CU Denver in the Budget Office when we transitioned over to People Soft.  I was trained as a Super User.  One of the serious problems we had was the reporting. We could not get accurate financial data from PeopleSoft reports.  The budget office needed real time data that was accurate and that could be ran easily and quickly.  Dave Sakamoto from our accounting office was able to get those reports for us.  His development of his ERP solutions provided us with not only timely and accurate reports but they could be customized to what we needed. Dave has extensive knowledge in accounting, auditing and IT.   The conversion over to PeopleSoft at CU was a tremendous undertaking.   If we would not of had Dave's expertise and ERP solutions we would not of been able to transient over so quickly.

Susan P.
University of Colorado Budget Policy Analyst III

The ERP / PeopleSoft initial implementation at the U of Colorado was, to put it nicely, not good,
missing most of the reports we needed.   Dave used his Auditing, IT and Accounting knowledge to
design his unique ERP custom solutions that solved many problems.  If you are having ERP problems,
including lack of exact report needed, and complicated functionalities not working right, don't give up.
 If Dave can't solve it, then its ok to give up.

Bonnie L.
University of Colorado Accounts Payable Supervisor

Other Solutions We Have Created

In addition to creating ERP solutions, other solutions IOTW has created include:
a) Mobile applications
b) Design and create Database datawarehouse.
c) Design and create web and mobile programs to solve difficult financial and nonfinancial problems.

What We Can Do For You

1) Expand your ERP Solutions and market by adding the Sakamoto Custom ERP Proprietary Solutions to your arsenal.
2) Use our experience in Higher Education and Governmental Agencies to help you expand into those markets.