Blog1 - How to Create Every Missing ERP Reports

No ERP program can come with every report the client needs, as every client has special custom needs.  Typically the ERP provides about 80% of the reports the users need.  This requires creating the missing reports or doing without.   Often creating the new reports, such as those that will help identify problems, is very difficult to accomplish.  I developed a solution which I call the "Sakamoto ERP Solution" which has enabled me to create every needed report that I can get my hands on.   Here are the parts and how it works:

1) Use a Data Warehouse (DW)
     * DW that contains all the data from ERP and other data.
     * If you do not have a DW, IOTW has the experience to create it.

2) Design the missing reports.
     * Have someone with Accounting, IT, Programming and Auditing knowledge to Design the missing reports.
     * I design missing reports.   "What enables Dave to design the difficult missing reports (link)"

3) Create programs from the designs.
     * Your IT staff can create it, or IOTW can create it.
     * IOTW IT staff include a PhD who has been creating programs from my designs for over 20 years.

4) Users access these custom programs and run the reports by logging into a web site that works closely with the ERP.
     * I rarely try to integrate the new solutions into the ERP program code itself, as that often results in unnecessary disaster.