Case Studies - Info On The Web

  1. Problem: Almost all financial reports needed were not available at initial implementation of ERP Peoplesoft at the University of Colorado.
    Detail: The custom reports we had been receiving for years was suddenly not available upon the initial implementation of the Peoplesoft ERP at the University of Colorado. Users were told the IT department was very busy and focused on keeping the ERP up and running, and the custom reports will not be available for “awhile”.
    How we solved it: Dave Sakamoto designed the web based Sakamoto ERP Custom Solution that provided all missing custom reports needed by the Accounting and Budget Offices, and many other users. It used the ERP data in the Data Warehouse, and integrates both accounting and IT concepts. Dave oversaw the creation of the web site and solution by guiding, teaching and working closely with excellent student programmers.
  2. Problem: New fields are needed, and were difficult to add to the ERP.
    Detail: Although many fields come with basic ERP systems, users have unique needs and always need new fields. Users were told there were many requests from multiple campuses, so a committee will be formed to prioritize the custom fields needed by the campuses and new fields added over time.
    How we solved it: Since it would take time for the committee to be formed, and new fields agreed upon and added to the main ERP system, Denver campus created a separate small Data Warehouse (DWH) and we added the new fields to it. We programmed the small DWH to integrate smoothly with the main large DWH.
  3. Problem: How to avoid manual duplicate entry of data into the fields in the main DWH and the custom fields in the small DWH.
    Detail: We wanted to avoid the need to duplicate manual entry of data into the fields in the main DWH and the custom fields in the small DWH.
    How we solved it: We created a single data entry screen to our ERP custom solution which contained all the fields from both the large DWH and small DWH. The user only needs to log into the UCDenver web site, fill in one form, and our solution will automatically feed the data to both the large and small DWH.
  4. Problem: Users need reports not available from the ERP system, with data from custom fields now available in the small DWH.
    How we solved it: The Sakamoto ERP Solution can create reports not available from the ERP. It can create reports with both the data from the main DWH and the small custom DWH.
  5. Problem: The University of Colorado’s Property Accounting System was old and lacked needed reports and features.
    How we solved it: A new custom Property Accounting system was designed and created thru planning by both Dave and the Property Accounting accountant, who did the program coding using Mark4 language.
  6. Problem: Businesses spending large amount of time and manual work filling in online PDF business forms with data already existing on their Excel and other sources.
    Detail: Real Estate, Property Management and many other businesses are required to fill in online PDF forms to fill out online business forms. The data already exists in Excel and other data sources, but must be manually entered. Time consuming and prone to human input error.
    How we solved it: Info On The Web designed and created the PDF Auto Input Solution”, which takes data from existing external source such as Excel, Quickbooks, etc. and automatically fill in the PDF forms.
  7. Problem: Businesses need mobile applications of their web solutions.
    How we solved it: Info On The Web can design and create Mobile Apps as well as web solutions, that run on Android / iPhone / Tablets devices.